Tips for Wikis on Wikispaces - by Ryan

Spelling Check, Copy/Past, and Undo: I suggest you download Mozilla Firefox ( for its copy/paste functions and an undo feature located all under the "Edit" menu bar tab or via a right click. I like how Firefox integrates well with most of the Google stuff. It used to be the browser that Google included in its "Google pack" before they came out with Chrome.
  • To activate Spell-checking feature of Firefox. Select "Tools" from the menu bar at the top of the page.
  • Then select "Options" from the menu that pops up
  • Then click on the "Advanced" tab/icon at right
  • Under the general tab you will find a check box to turn on/off "Check my spelling as I type"

Other options:
If you prefer not to use Firefox, I suggest you construct your pages in MS Word (or a similar word processor). You may then copy and paste (most of the time) from Word to Internet Explorer (IE has copy/paste functions). Outlook (or another email program that allows you construct messages in HTML format) can also work well.
This is also a good way to work on your content while others are also working. Although Wikispaces does provide alerts and messages to prevent simultaneous postings and writing over each others' work, working content "offline" aids in prevention (and also can be done without an internet connection).

Diagrams are best constructed using a photo/drawing program or PowerPoint. For PowerPoint, select the "Save As" option and then "Other Formats".
Then from the "Save as type" drop down box, select JPG or GIF to save as a picture. The picture can then be imported using the built in features of Wikispaces. Drawbacks - it can't be modified on the wiki page. Benefit, it can be viewed. For group/shared editing I suggest you save the PPT file and the JPG/GIF to the page, so it can be seen and the file edited for re-posting.

Fancier Stuff:
A little bit of basic HTML or web development will go a long way with a Wiki.
Essentially a wiki page/site is just a preformed web page with a basic HTML/Web site editor built in.
Wikispaces will allow you to edit the "code" directly, so if you wanted to build something fancier with an outside web development program you could copy the code from one to the other by clicking the "Insert code" icon on the Wikispaces Editor tool bar that shows up when you click edit.
(We did not use this function for our wiki. We only used the built-in tools.)

Resources for this and other stuff.